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5 Great Tips for Developing Soft Skills

Contrary to hard skills, which are sometimes referred to as technical abilities, soft skills are those that are concerned with interpersonal interactions, attitude, character, and personality. Soft skills are difficult to measure, yet they are closely related to how clients, coworkers, managers, and superiors view you. They eventually affect how your career develops, in other... Continue Reading →

Performance Problem Talk for New Managers

Despite the fact that public speaking is listed as one of our worst concerns in multiple studies, Speaking with a direct report about a performance issue, in my opinion, is a different fear for those who manage people. The nightmare scenarios are numerous: They will have their ego damaged.They will weep.They'll refute it,They'll divert the... Continue Reading →

9 Common Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

As a human being, every entrepreneur may have some mistakes. Wise leaders are those who learn from mistakes and recover from them as soon as possible. The wiser are those who learn from others' mistakes. There are several facts to learn about successful entrepreneurs. Only concentrating on growth If your tactics aren't changing, your business... Continue Reading →

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